Friday, May 18, 2012

Wet Bag

With summer coming soon, I wanted to make a wet bag for a friend who is going to be taking her son to swimming lessons. I browsed the web and came across this tutorial here. So cute! Here is the one I made...

Looped a piece of ribbon through to make it easy to open and close the zipper.
I used a lighter to "burn" the edges a bit so that the ribbon doesn't fray.

See this little monster here? That's a clue into what the inside looks like...

I cut the little monster out of the PUL and ironed it on with Wonder Under (don't make direct contact with the iron...
I put a piece of paper in between). Then I used a narrow zigzag stitch to make sure it stays put.

Isn't the PUL I used so adorable? You can get it here on Amazon.

I hope she likes it! Thanks to Carlee for the great tutorial~

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the ribbon zipper pull. Great idea!

  2. Love that you put the monster on the front! Very cute.