Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Niece E's 1st Birthday Celebration

During this recent trip to CA, I was fortunate enough to celebrate my niece E's 1st birthday with her and all our family and friends. In Korean culture, a baby's first birthday celebration (also called "dol"-- see here for more info) is a very special occasion because back in the day, it was a big deal for a baby to make it to his/her first birthday. These days, a dol can be as grand as a wedding reception. So I was not surprised when I saw the amazing setup of E's first birthday party. Okay, I was a little surprised. My sister went all out... and it was beautiful! 

candy buffet / yarn-wrapped "E" / fabric balls

candy buffet

rock candy


pina colada taffy


candy coated chocolates

goodie bags for the candy

sparkling lemonade

water and adorable straws

menu and schedule of events (my sister is an amazing graphic designer who came up with all the design elements)

centerpiece and table number

goodie bags to keep kids entertained

contents of goodie bags

coloring pages and crayons
pretty branch and decorations

fake cake and fake flowers...but they look so pretty!

main table

I think my sister is planning to celebrate her baby's 2nd birthday at Chuck E Cheese. :)

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