Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let's Go Fishing!

I grew up deep-sea fishing with my dad. We would go out on our boat, get rocked by the waves, but enjoy the peace out on the Pacific Ocean. I can't believe I didn't get sea sick. Just thinking about the rocking now makes me want to throw up.

I'm excited because next week we are going to CA to visit my family and we are going to take C-bub and J-bub out on a boat. It's going to be on a calm lake with no crazy waves, so hopefully no one will get sea sick. Hopefully we will catch some fish. :)

To practice for our upcoming fishing adventure, C-bub has been playing more with the fishing play mat that I made for him a while back. I got inspiration from this adorable fishing set. And for the details of the pond, I got inspiration here.

Here it is~

Frog detail

Lily pad detail

Foxtail detail

Elastic loops to hold the fishing poles in place. There are two loops for the two poles that I made, but of course we have already lost one of the poles. Booo...

I had some Japanese handkerchiefs that I had found at an estate sale a while back. I used them to make the fish so they would look kind of like koi fish. 

Sorry I didn't take photos of the process of making the fish. Basically I cut out the fabric and sewed them wrong sides facing each other (making sure to leave the end of the tail open). Flipped the fish right side out. Then I put the screw in (head of the screw at the "mouth" of the fish) and filled with poly-fil around it. Then sewed shut. Having the head of the screw at the mouth and surrounding the rest of the screw with poly-fil ensured that the magnet would "hook" the fish at the mouth.

Screw that I used

For the hook of the fishing pole I used thick garden wire and shaped it into a hook. I then hot glue gunned a really strong magnet to the bottom of it. Then I used duct tape to wrap the whole thing.

For the "net" I used the bag that my SnoozeShade came in. I just sewed it in between the layers of my mat so that the fish would have a home when not in use.

Happy Sewing! :)


  1. This is just too cute! I'd love for you to share at my party! Hope to see you there!

  2. This is SOO cool! I used to love fishing with magnets. I bet he has a blast.

  3. This looks like so much fun! So cute! What size did you make the mat, fish, etc.?

    1. Thanks! The fish are about 3-4 inches long and the mat is about 16"x16".

  4. Could you tell me how you folded this up so the fishing pole fit inside. Having a hard time figuring it out by the picture. Thanks so much.

  5. Hi! I put it in the elastic loop with the handle sticking out the bottom. The fold in half (lengthwise) and then roll up and wrap around with ribbon/Velcro. Hope that makes sense! Depending on size of your pole, it will stick out. Thanks!

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