Thursday, May 17, 2012

Playroom Storage

With about a month to go before #3 arrives, I have been in crazy nesting mode. The day after we got back from our trip to Cali, I dragged my husband and kids to Ikea to get some much needed storage for our play area. I got great inspiration from here. I love Jen's style, and she has a gift for organizing! I like the idea of the 1x5 Expedits, but they didn't fit in our space. So I went for the 2x4 ones.

I love the baskets she chose as well. I went with the blue ones. And again, why reinvent the wheel when someone has already done such an ingenious job...I nabbed Jen's idea of using frames for labeling as well.  (See here for details.) I got cheap white ones from Ikea. I then used my beloved Silhouette Cameo to cut out cardstock. For the images, I just found different clipart images I liked that were clean and simple. These two pics below are my favorite ones.

Btw, I just want to say that I love Pinterest (which is what led me to Jen's blog). Such great ideas! Thank you to all those wonderful bloggers out there who inspire us. :)


  1. Oh, I love your labels so much more! Why didn't I think to use my Silhouette? Now I just may have to update them. You are genius!

    Love how yours turned out! Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Oh you're so sweet! I do like your images as well...the reason I thought of going with the simple silhouette images is because I knew I wanted white frames. And I thought printing on white would make everything look washed out. Hence the idea of using Silhouette to cut out colored card stock came about. :) No need to update yours...they look great! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The baskets are a great find! There's a Target out in Queens somewhere - now that I'm a new mom I guess I'll be headed there a lot in the future. The weave of the baskets remind me of the goyard pattern :) Looks great, Jean - come to NYC and help me organize!

  3. The Silhouette labeling is a great idea. Did they have all the designs in their store or did you have to get creative? I know how to use the Silhouette but I don't know a lot about the software. I need to learn that! :)

    1. Hi...I created them with the software. I just Google'd and found some clipart that I liked and then traced them. This is a great tutorial here--

      If you want to use any images that I used, please let me know and I can email you the silhouette file.


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    3. What an amazing offer! Thanks! I'm going to watch this tutorial and try but what I need are:
      1. Mr Potato Head
      2. Pop On Pals
      3. Lincoln Logs
      4. Transformers
      5. Trains
      6. Cars
      7. Cars with Remote Controls
      8. Puzzles
      9. Legos
      10. Animals
      11. Mighty Beans
      12. Imaginext Toys
      13. Characters (it's an assortment of action figures, Superheros, etc)

      I don't know if you did any of these or not for your signs. But if you have any, I'd love them. My email is:
      marriedtoaGator at comcast dot net

  4. I found this link through IHeartOrganizing. I love your take on this; you did a fantastic job!

    I am thinking of doing the same thing. However, my question is, is it easy to change out the pictures when needed? I rotate my son's toys every so often, and the best thing would be if I could change the pictures.

    1. Hi! It is a bit of trouble to change the pictures out. (Have to unscrew it and then open the frame and replace picture) Maybe you could just use name tag holders (those plastic pockets) so that you could easily change out the pictures. Not as cute but more functional in your case? :)