Friday, January 11, 2013

Birthday Shirts & More Baby Shower Gifts...

Happy New Year! It has been a llloonngg time since I last posted. It is so difficult to find time to sit down and blog. Didn't even get to post photos of our Christmas tree. I guess I will wait until December 2013~ ;)

Now that Noah is 7 months old, I am trying to get back into crafting. It isn't easy...seems like someone is always awake (usually my #2). So I try to just do short little projects. I need to do something other than change diapers and clean up spit-up. It helps keep me sane. I know this is just a season and it shall pass...and I will miss it (?)...but even so, little breaks of crafting is needed.

Here are some birthday shirts I made for a few of my friends' kids. I used the Silhouette to cut out Iron-On Transfer Vinyl. For the numbers I used my fabric cutting blade on the Silhouette, and then sewed around it. The caterpillar took some time, but the result was worth it~

Here is another quick project I did recently. My friend is expecting a baby girl, so for her shower gift I made some burp cloths and these cute letters. I made these at night when the kids were sleeping and didn't think to take photos of the process.

Basically, I drew and cut out a quick stencil of the letters. I then traced the letter onto the fabric (on the wrong side). And then with the two pieces of fabric (right sides) facing each other, I sewed along the traced letter. (Remember to leave an opening) The letter "A" was a bit trickier because once it was flipped right side out, I had to sew the little inner "triangle" by hand. Anyway, then you stuff it and slip stitch close.

The "S" is for the baby and the "A" is for her big sister. Didn't want to leave the older sibling out. I wish I had sewn a little ribbon loop at the top so they can hang...oh time~

Good to be back...hopefully it won't be forever and a day until I post again. :)

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