Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hopscotch Top

Summer is not here yet (Spring barely started), but it feels like it already here in Houston! I love living here in Houston, but muggy days that hit 85+ when it is still 60s-70s back in Cali, I have to admit I get a bit sad. But then thinking of ice cream and pool parties makes me happy.

This fabric makes me happy. I love the colors and the popsicles. I thought it would make for a cute summer dress or top. Since God has not given me a daughter, yet (I say "yet" husband thinks I'm crazy...since we are pregnant with our 3rd boy...he's done, but I'm not quite closing that door. Ask me again in a couple months...I'll probably be begging to get my tubes tied.), I will make it for my beautiful niece Cally. My sister doesn't know this yet, but I will be taking her back to Houston with me after my next trip to CA. ;)

I searched for a fairly easy pattern that had lots of good pictures and descriptions. For you beginners like me, try these patterns here at Owly Baby's etsy store...they are great! I used this one. Here is the Hopscotch top~

I plan on making simple shorts with the same seersucker material I used for the bias tape. Do you all have any suggestions  for simple shorts patterns?

Hope Cally likes it~ Happy Sewing!


  1. Jean, this blog is awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed perusing it and can't wait to see this stuff in person later this year :) Plus get a sewing lesson from you...a-mazing!

  2. Super cute! I love the colors! I'd love for you to link up to Crafty Cousins.

    ~Natalie @ Crafty Cousins.

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